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Wheel House and Add-A-Room and Accessories

Wheel House Add-A-Room and Accessories
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Canvas Craft custom manufactures a wide variety of thermal Wheel House enclosures and accessories for ice fishing, utility, and recreational use. These enclosures are custom made to your wheel house built to your specs. Built for easy removal and storage and offers sizes up to 12' x 24' and larger. Your new Canvas Craft Add-A-Room offers additional heated space for ice fishing, cooking, or simply storage. In addition, we offer many accessories including thermal window flaps, rear doors with zippers, and wheel well covers. Contact Us today to ask about pricing and options for your Wheel House.

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Add-A-Room Options:

Extra Travel Boot

Our travel boot provides convenient and reliable protection for your fabric and frame. Whether in storage or while traveling, it keeps your shelter free from debris and salt. Securely wraps around fabric and frame when collapsed.

Skid Plates

This durable aluminum skid plate is welded at the back of the trailer on the bottom side of the frame . This prevents damage that can be caused by steep embankments and ice ruts when coming on or off the lake.

Insulated Floor

The floor of an ice house can be the most vulnerable place for cold air to enter an ice shelter. Our insulated floor helps to minimize the impact of the outside elements and also keeps the inside of the shelter warmer.

Canvas/Aluminum Salt Shield

You can count on our canvas and aluminum salt shield to protect your shelter and ATV from the outside elements during transport.

Diamond Plate Salt Shield

Our top of the line, diamond plate aluminum salt shield mounts to the front of your trailer, keeping road salt and debris from coming in contact with your shelter and ATV. Includes a hinged door for easy access.

Rain Fly

Our rain fly attaches to the outside of your ice fishing shelter. It sheds water and helps to keep you dry when there is rain in the forecast and is great for summer camping.

Drop Tongue

Our automatic brake winch and pin system allows you to drop the trailer flat on the ice without having to detach it from the ball hitch.

Extra Welded Stake Pockets

Extra stake pockets give you additional locations to secure gear and add additional supports for future sidewalls.

Power Jack

High capacity electric jacks allow the trailer to be raised and lowered at the touch of a button.

Ski Package

High Density Polyethylene is fastened to a lightweight aluminum frame to create a durable ski that allows you to transport the trailer in deep snow.

Custom Repair
Care & Cleaning

Canvas Craft Guarantee

We're certain you'll be so satisfied with your Canvas Craft purchase that we're backing it with a one-year warranty covering materials, labor and workmanship-plus an extended fabric manufacturer's warranty when applicable.